Friyay Bubbles.

After being cooped up in an all-day meeting, the
clouds parted and the cava called my name.
Yaass, Friday, yaass!img_8608

The meeting took place at a hotel that just so happens to have a rooftop bar. My coworkers and I happily boarded the elevator as soon as we were released. The sun was shining and my all-time favorite sparkling wine was on the menu! Poema Brut Cava.

I have a very friendly relationship with this sparkler that spawned at my days at the wine bar. WE ALWAYS HAD THIS ON THE MENU. Many-a-days ended in me coddling multiple flutes.

40% Macabeo, 40% Xarel-lo, 20% Parellada 
Aged 12 months on lees, 5 g/l of residual sugar.
Price: ~$11

Some say it smells of peach, or pear and bread. True. They also might say it gives your mouth a dry yet rich, maybe cream-like texture. True, again. I’ve also heard people say the complexity of this cava also offers a little citrusy spice that follows through to the beautiful finish. Agreed.

Breakdown: Citrus and toast, peachy and creamy, dry and apple-y. All a brut can offer. A happy combination of dry and sweet. But also so freaking refreshing! And so affordable.



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