#tbt – The time a wine glass broke my fall.

Short story: I lived with my older sister in NYC for a short period of time. She showed me many valuable things that wondrous city had to offer, including wine delivery service!

Long story: One Friday evening, we declared it was a girl’s night in. These kinds of nights normally began with a call to the wine store. By the time we got into our sweats, the bottles were already at our door. AH-mazing! My sister’s go-to delivery choice was Domaine Durand Sancerre Reserve. I grew quite fond of this Loire Valley white, myself. It has approachable aromas of citrus and gooseberry with a rich yet zesty body formed by floral and mineral notes. It ends with great length and vivacity. Altogether, this is not a boring wine because of its enduring flavor.

Anywho, after quite a few glasses, my sister and I decided to watch a movie. In fear of finding my sister asleep on the couch halfway through the movie, I chose one of our all-time favorites: Center Stage. Anyone who still enjoys this movie probably relates to the lives of young, aspiring ballet dancers just as much as we do!

But what could be more fun than sitting back and watching a movie full of dancing? Well, throw some wine in the mix and you have your own little production! Yes, we got up and danced to just about every number. My sister was surprisingly just as poised as everyone on screen.  I, on the other hand, was too confident for what I was actually capable of.

 I took one swift move and suddenly began circling my arms to regain my balance. Of course, I happened to be right next to the coffee table holding our wine glasses. In that short moment, I glanced at my sister who stood frozen trying not to laugh at how ridiculous and predictable this sequence of events was. It was too late for her to save me. My ass was plummeting straight for the wine glasses. (Kind of like this girl shown below)


 HAHA! What a mess. Wine all over. Glass everywhere EXCEPT my butt, thank god.
Sister: not impressed. Me: ashamed.

The end.

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