Z Alexander Brown Uncaged

Periodically, my boyfriend and I will get together with two of our friends for a double-date sushi night. It is my most favorite double date because it became a tradition of guaranteed fun and deliciousness.

Back-story: It all began when we discovered that our favorite sushi joint is one we all frequented! So we made plans to go together and make an evening out of it. Because my boyfriend and I lived close to the restaurant, we invited our friends over for drinks beforehand. I got so excited and bought WAY too much wine. I think it was around 6 bottles. We drank about half of them before dinner. We continued with Saki, Sapporo’s, and cocktails at dinner. Finally, we invited them back over to finish the rest of the wine. To put it mildly, we got trashed. 🙂

And we couldn’t wait to do it again! Lol

(We even spent sushi night together on a Valentine’s Day.)

Fast-forward to the most recent sushi night. Our friends kindly brought us a bottle of 2013 Z Alexander Brown Uncaged Cabernet. But we never ended up opening it. Surprise, surprise, I know! We had plenty of other fun things to drink – don’t worry. My boyfriend and I ended up saving it for a nice, home-cooked beef stir-fry. We didn’t plan to pair it that way, however, it turned out to be a pleasant surprise. The tannins in the wine went well with the gingery hoisin sauce. And because of the deep umami flavors in the dish, the fruity red really pulled the meal together.


Z Alexander Brown Uncaged
Varietal: Cabernet Sauvignon
Region: North Coast
Year: 2013
Price: ~$16

Notes: A bit herbal on the nose. Light red fruit to the start. But also some tannins with blackberry and black currant fruit flavor. Smooth with a jammy finish. Not too complex!

When I first saw the label, I had a suspicion that “Z Alexander Brown” was thee Zac from Zac Brown Band. So I had to investigate! In fact it is. Zac Brown and a California native winemaker got together and created the Uncaged Series with the help of some North Coast grapes. This Cabernet Sauvignon was made with “true character and style that offer a lot for a little”. Rad!

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