Let’s talk about Trader Joe’s.

(This is not a post that raves about two-buck chucks, I promise.)
But I will say this: Trader Joe’s doesn’t just sell garbage sugar-water wines. They have a broad selection ranging from low to high end but the majority of their selection is priced between $5 and $10. I’ve tasted a few in this price range and haven’t had many bad things to say about them. So, what gives?

Here are a few facts.

36% of Wine Drinkers are Millennials.

The youngest Millennials are now 21 years of age, all 79 million of them.

The percent of millennial wine-drinkers grew by 10% in the last two years, which is apparently a larger gain than any other generation.

In 2015, Millennials consumed 159.6 million cases of wine. Wowza!

More importantly, Millennials are buying wine from all over the country — and around the globe. Variety is what they (we? I?) crave.

Lastly, brands are not what Millennials are devoted to. They seek value and aesthetically pleasing labels!

Seems to me like Trader Joe’s is doing something right.

These are a few of my boyfriend’s favorites:


Notice a theme? I’ve chosen not to review them. They are so cheap you should go try them yourself!


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