#tbt – Beau Rivage/Nice, France

It was my eldest sister’s 30th birthday. She was living in London at the time. She wanted to celebrate big so she asked if my second oldest sister and I would meet her in France for a two week trip. Uhhh YUS!

Our first leg of the trip was in Nice. On April 19, we arrived early in the morning and the weather was beautiful. After taking a quick cab from the airport, we met at our hotel and dropped our bags. What better way to cure jet lag than a day on the beach? The beach aaaand rosé, duh!


We strolled along the Promenade des Anglais and saw a bunch of blue umbrellas and lounge chairs down by the stony beach. There was a flight of stairs ahead with the words BEAU RIVAGE above. We descended down to stairs and were greeted by a man who showed us to our beach chairs.


Christophe was his name. He asked if we wanted anything to drink. Oh boy, did we. It didn’t take us long to spot one of our favorite rosés on the menu. Chateau Miraval! Christophe brought us a back a bottle on ice, 3 empty wine glasses, and three glasses of water. Applied a little sunscreen and we were set.


Although I was completely relaxed, it was so hard not to be entirely captivated by the scenery, the people, the smells and sounds. We ended up ordering more than one bottle. If a wine could characterize this exact moment, Chateau Miraval was not so far off. The pale pink color, soft and shiny, resembled our soon to be sunburned skin. The crisp and refreshing undertones were all too similar to the spring breeze. The balance of citrus, red fruit, and white flowers perfectly portrayed the elegance of the pebbly shore. And without a doubt, the persistent minerality was an expression of the ocean atmosphere.


(a local beach-goer)

But mostly I was just jet lagged and tipsy  😉


Anyways, we had a ton of fun figuring out how to use a selfie stick that day.


( More tidbits of this trip to follow  ❤ )

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