Thursday Throwdown

Mer Soleil Silver vs. St. Supery Chardonnay

Even though Chardonnay stereotypes are a thing of the “past”.. it is so hard NOT to think of Bridget Jones or older women who frequent bars when drinking chardonnay. Especially in this moment.

I was browsing the wine aisle after work today, in the need of something to console me because of how crazy long and intense this week has been. I get cravings when I’m in need of comfort.. I crave familiarity, the feeling of choosing something and knowing the result. Why did I think of chardonnay? I have no clue. I don’t even remember the first chardonnay I tasted. But I do know that it surprised me, in a good way.

I saw a display for Mer Soleil Silver and it was on sale! Mer Soleil is familiar to me because it’s my bestie’s mom’s favorite wine.. and she is the sweetest, most good-looking, older single lady you’ll ever meet. So yes, she may seem to fall into the aforementioned stereotype but the thought of her and her daughter make me feel better!

One bottle was definitely not going to do it, so I decided to find another unoaked, Cali chardonnay in the same price range. That’s when I found the St. Supery.. I recognized the name because Ive had their Sauvignon Blanc. I thought it would be fun to drink these two side by side and see how they get along.


Two cali chardonnays? Head-to-head? Call it a cat fight.

Mer Soleil Silvermer-soleil
Varietal: Chardonnay (Unoaked)
Region: Monterey County
Year: 2013
Price: I got this bottle for $16.99!

A little green apple and earthiness at the beginning. Definitely crisp and acidic. A few floral notes at the end with a lingering freshness. Overall, medium bodied and dry.

St Supery Napa Valley Estatest-supery
Varietal: Chardonnay (Oak-free)
Region: Napa Valley
Year: 2015
Price: Also $16.99!

Lots of fruit but the most distinguished were cantaloupe and pear. Very vibrant, bright, clean, and crisp. Other hints of honeydew, nectarine, and orange.

Here’s what I think:

Again, I was surprised. I sought out the Mer Soleil for familiarity and comfort but found the St. Supery appeased my palate needs more.

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