The Packers may have lost pretty badly last night but I still got to enjoy an awesome bottle of Spanish Grenache. My boyfriend and I were invited over to a friend’s house to watch the game. We knew there would be an array of appetizers and dips to snack on. Instead of contributing a homemade dish, we picked up a bunch of tacos!

We aren’t huge beer drinkers and that always seems to be the drink of choice for sporting events. So, this was my solution…


Borsao Tres Picos Garnacha 2013

Bodega Borsao is internationally known for its dominance in the granacha category.
The winery also has a lot of cool history, you can read it here: bodegasborsao.com

About this wine: ~$16.99 – The color is cherry red with some hues of purple. On the nose, there are aromas of flowers and ripe red fruit. Flavors of blackberry, plum, leather and vanilla. Soft and smooth tannin. Because of the time this wine spent in both French oak barrels and stainless steel, it is complex yet pure. Overall, it’s a rich and structured wine. Yum, highly recommend.

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