Holy hiatus.
Work has got the best of me.

It’s been an awfully busy past two weeks and I’ve neglected writing about me, drinking. Huge dilemma, right? That doesn’t mean I’ve stopped drinking.. I’ve definitely drank my share.. but for different reasons. It’s not so entertaining when you are drinking to forget about your day and/or ago to sleep quicker. Eeek!

So, here I am with a wee bit of free time. This one is definitely worth sharing. GROOner. I needed a little bit of comic relief. This bottle’s label sold it, for sure. Grüner Veltliners are just as much fun as they are to pronounce. Grüners offer a wide variety of styles from apple-y citrus flavor, to pepper and celery. Seems like a crazy stretch.. but this spectrum never leads me astray.


This Grüner is fresh and crisp. Tart, green apple and citrus notes to start and a slight tropical fruit finish. Nice, balanced acidity. While it is true Grüners go well with food, I do not mind drinking this one by itself.

VARIETY: Grüner Veltliner
APPELLATION: Niederösterreich, Austria
WINERY: Forstreiter

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