Slow Press 2014 Chardonnay

This Slow Press wine is no joke!

Here’s why:
I picked it up and stashed it away for one of those days when I needed to be welcomed home with a chilled bottle waiting in the fridge just for me. Don’t get me wrong, I typically have enough wine on-hand to cover every day of the week. However, this bottle was meant for the type of day when work is unexpectedly long and unbearable… and all you can focus on is how uncomfortable you are. So, it happened to be a Monday when this unfortunate kind of day arrived (go figure). I didn’t feel like cooking and I had the Bachelor to watch on TV. The perfect scenario for enjoying the entire bottle by myself.

First sips: I was completely thrown off. I know the label was a bit obvious as to what I should expect;  Slow Press…”intense, concentrated flavor”. Classic oaky chardonnay. Yada, yada. Well, this was intense and concentrated times ten.

First glass or two: A struggle to get through. Like I said, I wasn’t cooking.. but I also couldn’t bare to drink it by itself. I whipped out some snacks pretzels, chips, cheese, and even Red Vines. NOTHING was cutting it.

Half-way through the bottle: Just downing the hatch at this point. The episode of the bachelor was just as complicated as this wine. I texted my friend, who I knew was also watching, and suggested we drink every time a few chosen words were used on the show. This made the rest of the bottle go much easier.

Conclusions: 1. Don’t substitute a new wine for ones you normally count on to make your day better. LOL. 2. Cook a nice meal with this wine (poultry or seafood). 3. You live and you learn.

There are a lot of learning opportunities that come along with this wine, actually.

-Slow fermentation amplifies natural fruit character.

-Gentle presses elevate rich flavors and minimize astringency.

-Sur Lie aging delivers a full bodied creamy mouthfeel.

Astringency is a term used to describe the feeling of the wine in your mouth. “It refers to the dry, puckering or rough feeling created in the mouth by the interaction of phenolics with saliva.”



Tasting notes: Classic chardonnay with a toasty finish. Delivers notes of fresh apples and pears. Aged in oak barrels for 12 months. Full bodied creamy mouthfeel.

Alcohol: 13.9%
Price: ~$13

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