Best Way to Preserve Your Half-Drunk Bottles

This is, by far, the easiest and cheapest way to make sure your half-full bottle of wine still tastes good after a few days.

Get yourself a bottle of PRIVATE PRESERVE!


I swear by it. Available on Amazon for roughly 10 bucks. 120 uses per bottle!
Follow these 3 easy steps and go to sleep feeling less guilty for leaving a little wine behind.

1. Put the tip of the extension tube inside the neck of the bottle against the glass.
2. Spray one long (1 sec.) and 4 short bursts into 750ml bottle. Larger bottles require additional sprays—add one long spray for each larger size.
3. Re-cork immediately & store upright. Refrigerate (optional).

What is it? It is a non-toxic gas mixture of nitrogen, argon, and carbon dioxide. Denser than air.
How does it work? It creates a protective barrier between the top of your leftover wine and the oxygen that destroys it. It’s a safe method that has no effect on taste; it’s even FDA approved!

This technique is also used by commercial wineries to keep half-poured bottles in their tasting rooms fresh for sampling the next day.

What techniques have you tried?

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